What is Soda Blasting (sodium bicarbonate)?

Soda blasting is a process where a surface is cleaned, rust is removed, or coatings (of any kind) are stripped from the substrate (the surface beneath the material you are trying to remove). The soda blasting machine propels a bicarbonate-of-soda-based media via water or compressed air onto the surface to be cleaned. This process gently removes the material without harming the substrate and can be done wet or dry.


Soda Blasting Applications:

  • Antiques - iron beds, toys, etc.
  • Asphalt Removal - clean asphalt paving equipment, hot oil tankers
  • Automobile Parts - wheels, engines, transmissions
  • Restaurant Industry - clean baked on grease, remove coatings
  • Powder Coatings - remove old powder coating, clean surface ready for new coating
  • Log Homes - remove stains and varnish, restore to original color
  • Automobile Restoration - non-warping, eliminate flash rust, ready for paint
  • Boat Refinishing - will not harm gel-coat or warp aluminum
  • Historic Building Restoration - remove paint from brick, metal ceilings, window frames
  • Fire Restoration - smoke/soot from wood, metal or brick
  • Graffiti Removal - for many different surfaces, without any damage to underlying paint
  • Heavy Equipment and Farm Equipment - degrease engines without removing hoses and no damage to hydraulics
  • Other Uses - concrete, limestone, glass, brass, stainless steel, stucco, granite, chrome, copper, and many more!

Why Soda Blasting?

Soda blasting is ideal for stripping all varieties of delicate surfaces, it eliminates the need of using toxic cleaning and stripping chemicals, sanding, dipping and abrasive blasting. Strip multilayered surfaces to any level desired. The sodablaster will not warp delicate surfaces or damage glass, chrome, aluminum, fiberglass or rubber. Uses environmentally safe, non-destructive baking soda. Many cleaning operations can be accomplished while machines and processes are up and running. User Friendly! Both for the operator and the environment as it is non toxic.

Mobile Paint Stripping and Surface Cleaning:

Labor rates start at $300.00 per blast hour and time charged starts with unloading and ends with loaded-up at end of blast. The minimum charge for mobile service is $600.00. Residential, commercial and industrial charges may be calculated by the square foot or on an hourly basis. A mileage charge may be added to mobile stripping and cleaning jobs depending on distance and/or time of travel.

Damage To Vegetation:
One biological process that can be disturbed by the presence of any free sodium ion, including sodium bicarbonate is the process of photosynthesis. This process uses light in the presence of chlorophyll and water to convert carbon dioxide to sugars, used as nutrients for plant life. Depending on the type of plant, sodium bicarbonate can produce temporary discoloration or cause more serious damage. The most easily upset plants are flowering shrubs, such as roses, azaleas, or lilac. Trees and grass typically turn brown, and then recover in 4-6 months. Some plants are completely unaffected. The speed of any reaction with plant life can vary widely, depending on the type of plant.
To avoid damage to plants from blasting with soda blast media:
Avoid contact between plants and blast media residue. Cover plants and prevent any liquid run-off from soaking the soil around plants.
If contact is unavoidable, the client should be aware that damage to plants could occur.

To minimize Damage:
Soak the soil and leaves thoroughly before blasting. It is best to use a sprinkler for 4-6 hours to completely soak the soil, leaves, and branches before blasting.
Continually rinse the leaves and prevent liquid run-off from soaking into the soil around the roots.
After blasting, continue to soak the leaves and soil to thoroughly flush the sodium bicarbonate away from the root structure. The amount of soaking after blasting depends on the amount of residue in contact with leaves and roots. The goal is to reduce the sodium ion concentration below 0.5 vol% on the leaf surfaces and around the roots so that any damage will be minimized.

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